What we can do


This is a full service electrical contracting company so ask me about any electrical project you need help with. Here are the six core services I specialize in….

Recessed Lighting

Recessed LED lighting can be used on a dimmer to add the perfect ambient light level and color temperature to any room.

Cabinet Lighting

Above, within or below cabinet lighting is used to accent special features in the home or to add task light to a space, such as kitchen countertops. Cabinet lighting adds a special touch for that wow factor that you’ve been searching for.

Outdoor Entertainment

Using Lighting techniques, fountains or water features and bluetooth rock speakers, we can help you to create a space that’s perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Have you purchased a new electric vehicle and need to install a 250V wall charger? Have you been getting by with a level 1 charger and need to upgrade? We can help! We?ve installed many different types of chargers in a wide variety of settings. Allow us to offer our expertise to help you to get a fast and reliable charge.

Panel Upgrades

The breaker panel is like the heart of your electrical system. Regular safety checks help to keep you and your family safe. We offer
panel safety checks and maintenance as well as panel and grounding system replacements when needed.

Landscape Lighting

Allow us to help you design and install a perfectly balanced landscape lighting layout that brings your outdoor spaces to life.