Scott is professional, punctual, expeditious, meticulous, very patient and most importantly to me he seems to enjoy his work. He completed our install (almost 12 hours) smiling the whole time he was here. He was a pleasure to work with even before he arrived at our house to put up a new electrical panel. He took the time to listen to what it was I wanted out of a new panel and was not?just in a rush to replace the old one. He answered all the questions I had, even during the install; this helped me feel very at ease. When writing reviews we reserve 5 star ratings for those who go above and beyond what is standard. Standard for our install would have been to drill into the concrete below the breaker box and run the ground wire to the ground rod. This would have been and eyesore and a bit of a tripping hazard. We asked Scott if there was another option. He took both additional time and material to run the ground wire to a much less conspicuous location. He also noticed some anomalies with our wiring system from when the house was built back in the 70’s and took time to investigate and fix one discrepancy in wire size/breaker capacity. Moral of this story is Scott does the job “right,” the way I would do it if I had the time and knowledge. This is why he is a 5 star electrician and why he comes highly recommended from us. He will be who we call for future electrical work!